The Connection Between Your Diet and Your Testosterone Levels

The Connection Between Your Diet and Your Testosterone Levels

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You have probably been eating foods that affect your body’s ability to produce testosterone, food has a profound effect on your testosterone levels.  There are foods that will boost testosterone while others have the complete opposite effect.  Once your testosterone levels plummet, so does your libido.  Let’s explore the connection between diet and your testosterone levels.

Your Diet

You got up this morning and did your morning routine, headed out the door to go to work and you probably stopped somewhere to grab a cup of coffee and maybe a muffin or a bagel to start your day.  Sound familiar?  Let’s look at that a little closer for a minute, you’ve have some bleached white flour, high fructose corn syrup and soy oil thrown in to make it all stick together.

Even that “healthy” bit of pasta you had for supper last night is made from processed sugar, processed flour and unhealthy oils.  Those three things make up a fundamental part of the standard American diet.  If you still doubt that then you need to start reading some labels next time you hit the grocery store.  Crack open your cupboards and start reading some labels.  You won’t bring back your libido but wishing it so, it is going to be work.  Before you go looking for the magic supplement, clean up your diet.  Here is a video showing you which foods to avoid.

Foods to Increase Libido

You need to start eating clean and ditch the phytoestrogens, foods that cause allergies and the rest of the garbage and you will be half way there. You need nutrients that your body can use to manufacture male hormones will help you have a healthy libido.  This means replacing pizza, soda and potato chips need to stop being a part of your vocabulary.  You need food high in zinc, vitamin A and other nutrients.  It is time to start eating things like, eggs, salmon, liver (if you like it), green vegetables, berries and avocado.


Eating a healthy diet and getting at the very least three high intensity workout every week will get you back on track and get rid of that burdensome fat around your mid-section.  It may seem that diet and exercise is the cure-all for everything, there is some truth to that.  It can stave off the effects of aging, keep you feeling good and it will do wonders to get your libido back on track.  After you have that aspect in line, then it is time to look at some testosterone supplements to improve your levels if need be.

Want To Build More Testosterone?

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